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Why we use content writing for the better performance ?
The answer is that Google and other major search engine do not allow copied content. The crawler  browse the entire web on internet if a crawler find a duplicate content of any website then the serach engine gives a negative marking to the website. Some people are not aware about this law of Internet. This is called Copyright Law, If you will copy and paste the content of any other website as it is then you could be penalized by Google or other major search engines. 

If the crawler find that this content is usefull for user then it gives you better chance of visibility on major search engines. The content is a combination of video, images, grapics, text, article, blogs etc. We should write or create our content according to the internet rules and we should follow all the guidelines, terms & condition which make our writing skills better and more better.

If we are making the content which is fully unique and benefitial from all perspects, no one can stop you to make your ranking better in search results. 

Webline has got the team of experienced content writters to provide you help in developing a unique content for your website / blog / articles.