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Web Development Methodology

How we work
Our methodology is designed to help you in maximizing the benefits of Internet technologies. It integrate all aspects of your website and allows us to ensure that the final product is of the highest quality. Here are the steps we will take to ensure that all your services are completed on time and on budget.

1. Needs Analysis

The first step for us to analyze your needs and your target market. Who will visit your site, what is the purpose of the visit, what is the main objective of your website, which can best meet your business needs, etc. Many of these issues are analyzed to the stage of the needs analysis.

2. Formulate a digital strategy

Based on the needs analysis, we determine the factors that will better serve your site. We look at market trends to ensure that you include the latest technologies, components and parts. We take time to think outside the box and give consideration to more than your current day business needs so that your website can sustain any upcoming future needs.

Apart from this phase, we also design the primary and secondary keywords or key phrases for your website. These primary and secondary keywords or key phrases are then used for the site development phases.

3. Web page conceptualization

We consider this phase as one of the most important factor in each project. We justify every aspect of the design to ensure that each member meets a specific need and the site is really designed to attract, retain and enhance the experience of the end user.

The final designs or models are then used for two other inner pages to understand how the internal content will look intense websites to give.

In this phase, we will provide the concepts and concepts for review and comment.

4. Web

Once we have received your approval to the detailed design, we start developing the HTML and CMS configuration part. Primary and secondary keywords or key phrases used in development.

Our experienced team has a thorough understanding of W3C standards such as CSS, XHTML, etc. Your website is developed using these proven standards.

Once the development is completed, we go into the test phase in which the features of your website and content management system is rigorously tested.

Once the preliminary testing is completed, we work on the cross-browser testing in popular browsers such as IE, Firefox and Safari as a standard practice.

5. Review and tuning

Once the site has gone through preliminary testing, we then host the website to User Acceptance Testing UAT area, if necessary. 

And then after that we go to the data migration phase.

6. Data Migration 
Once we receive the UAT signoff, we migrate all the data from your current site to your new site. Instead, you can also provide new content in a Word document (a document page). The content is organized on the basis of the new navigation bar structure and site. We also keep in mind primary and secondary keywords so that your site can be indexed and get the maximum benefit in the search engines.

7. Pre-deployment phase

Once the data has been placed, we send the website to review for final feedback to our quality testing team. Once cleared, we host the site on the server where it is used. After installation on the server, the site is again checked for quality. The site is now ready for the end use if the pre-deployment phase is performed.

8. Transfer Website

A final series of tests on the live site for quality assurance is made. We then handed over control of the site to you.

9. Search Engine Indexing

Once your website is online, we submit your website to various search engines and directories for their new web site. We intend to submit your site to 80 search engines and directories.

10. E-Marketing / SEO / SEM

Your site is search engine ready at deployment time. We have helped many clients achieve top rankings on Google. Although it is very difficult to obtain a position on the search engines, especially for a site / domain newly launched, we will have a clearer picture of your ranking in the search engines after the first three months of launching the website.

At this point, we can perform a complete analysis of the search engine on more than 100 factors to assess the influence of ranking a website on the search engines. At this stage, we also carefully consider the various factors and prepare a strategy for e-optimizing search engines. This entire process will be a separate service and is charged as per your need.

For more details on how we plan your web project, please contact us or visit us for a cup of Tea.