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Webline Banking Platform can provide in-depth, end-to-end coverage for your entire banking business or can meet needs of certain business segments on a modular basis. Our banking module is used to manage large data volumes in the most efficient way possible, Webline Banking Platform is the solution which is generally used by the Non Govt. Banking Institutions like Self Help Groups & NGOs. We have designed the Platform with scalability in mind, and handles high volumes fast and efficiently. It is at home in any current hardware and software environment.

Transformation: minimize risk, maximize efficiency

Small Non Govt. banks normally does not have large software and hardware structures. We have even developed our solution with a approach to specifically deal with the complexities of banking process. To minimize risk during the implementation, the method re-aligns process line of business, while your other solutions keep running uninterrupted.

We also offer sets of specialized business components customized according to your need. Together with our products, they form the basis of our market- and domain-oriented value propositions.

The module includes various areas like customer ledgers, deposit and withdrawal entry management, loan disbursement, interest calculation and backed by various other reports, all integrated with financial accounting.