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Information Management Internet Portal can facilitate an enterprise by bringing together a common interface and platform for organization's informative content.
Information Management Internet Portal envisages separate WebPages corresponding to various sections like Office Orders, Newsletters, Office Memos etc issued by the  Head office.
This system is very useful and serve as an excellent IT tool for disseminating the information/ circulars/ formats of various forms within the organization for all the Divisions / users connected with Internet. 
The Application will have the following areas :
1. Listing of documents category / Department wise
2. Web based administrative control panel for uploading of documents to the server.
3. Search Facility for retrieving documents.
Document Manager
Document Manager is a catalogue and storage system for all of your company's documentation. Organise your files in a central repository for fast and efficient retrieval. 

- Add, edit and delete documents in the catalogue
- Load files into the repository or maintain a link to their existing location
- Catalogue documents using multiple category levels
- Add, edit & delete categories and master categories
- Search for documents or filter by category
- View documents online or download to your PC
- Supports all standard office documents, JPEG, PDF, Word files
The said portal will display all the documents for various departments of organisation viz, Finance and Accounts, IT , Commercial, Operation, Planning, Civil etc. so that officials concerned can independently login with their password and view these circulars / office orders.
In this application the user will login with their respective username and password assigned by the Administrator to them and access the information/ circulars/ Office Orders / formats of reports from the Head office.
Latest 5 Circulars / Office Orders will be displayed on the web page at a glance and the rest documents can be retrieved by clicking on to the respective department list.
A self operative control panel (protected by username and password) will also be provided, where in The Administrator of the software will manage the users and upload the Office Orders / Memos/ Documents on the server.