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Webline's SMS Web Service is a comprehensive two-way SMS messaging service that provides a website, Web service with the ability to integrate SMS service to send and track SMS messages via an internet link, without the need to install any additional client applications or components.

It is a highly secure procedure where in a SMS API is integrated by us to your website from where you can send SMS to any kind of databases of your customers, clients etc.

SMS Web Service is an application programming interface (API) accessible using standard internet protocols which are completely vendor, platform and language independent, enabling multiple methods of connection. Hosted at Webline server, this php web service allows external users to connect.

Why choose Webline SMS with Web integration

- Lowest Prices Guaranteed
- If you find a similar service cheaper elsewhere, we will match it
- Free Account
- No Setup Fee
- Fast, Reliable & Secure
- Over 99% reliability due to dual redundant servers & automatic failover