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Tally is a fabulous Business Management tool, with its capability of managing inventory, accounting and business investigation categories (e.g. Cost centers) perfectly. Therefore many times modern organization has requirements that transcend the characteristic available in default Tally software. This is the time when Customization plays crucial role. Tally is architected to be podium and is designed to support wide customization. It comes with an execution kernel, an development and interpreter language (TDL) Tally Development Language.

By using TDL one can change or enhance the default behavior of Tally software. It allows changes to user interface, reports, addition of data elements, document print outs, functionalities and business logics. Tally supports ODBC and export 7 import data in standard data formats like CSV & XML. It contains a SOAP listener that helps in online integration and with other business tools.    

Following are the Benefits of Tally Customization

  • Avoid manual error
  • Helps in saving manpower and time
  • Helps in getting report need for your business
  • Helps in rapid data capturing
  • Eliminates repetition of work