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Tally.ERP9 is a leading accounting software used in every level of organization wethever it is small, medium or large. It is the world’s fastest and most influential concurrent multi-lingual business accounting and inventory software exclusively designed to meet the desired needs of every organizations. It is simple to use and learn, quick to install and easy to buy. It is designed to integrate and automate the business operation such as purchasing, finance, manufacturing, sales and inventory.

Following are the features of Tally.ERP9
•    Leading accounting package
•    Complete business solution
•    Real time processing
•    Flexible and easy to use
•    Non-integrated and integrated accounting & inventory
•    Concurrent multi-lingual capacity
•    Multi-platform availability
•    Enables Tally.Net
•    Allows Support centre
•    Auditor’s Edition

Technological benefits of Tally.ERP9
•    Allows removal of data into separate company
•    Permit internal restore and backup
•    Provide Data Reliability
•    Provide Tally audit and Tally vault feature
•    Rapid and simple installation
•    Multilingual capacity
•    Provide ability to publish and preview documents and reports on the internet
•    Provide Statutory Compliances support
•    Supports Point of Sales (POS) or Retail sale
•    Provide Protocol support
•    Allows Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) compliance