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Now a days with tough competition, car rental companies are regularly searching for ways to increase sales and decrease costs. At Webline we are committed to help you to achieve both aims and what better way to increase your turnover is by offering your clients online reservations.

With the increase of number of people planning and booking their trips through Internet, Webline today offers you the unique solution to enable users anywhere in the world to reserve cars on-line through your car rental company website.

We work on today's technology and fulfill your tomorrow's needs. Unlike most Websites today, not only will users be able to make reservations, but the system will also check your database for vehicle availability, calculate estimated distance and your travel car rental charges and provide immediate reservation confirmation. No more requiring for tedious paper work like faxes and telephone calls! you get Everything on your database immediately.

Our Car Rental portal software provides automated rate calculations directly from your website database engine. Special requests requiring confirmation appear in the system with all the advantages of your regular procedures as well as in your exception reports.

The admin is given a panel to manage all the rates and car availability database and can also manage bookings and confirmation and can manage suppliers and customers accounts independently and accuracy. The company staff is also given their independent panels to manage the customer bookings in an effective and efficient manner. The drivers duty slip, customers invoices and other relevant reports are automatically generated through this unique application.

Car Rentals friendly front-end, your guests can check availability and book instantly, thus closing a booking without having to wait for your reservations staff to confirm the reservation.

After the successful booking customer gets email alerts for invoice and booking confirmation online.

The Online Car Rental Manager is highly cost-effective method for promoting your car rentals services online.