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If you look around at the variety of handheld devices in the market these days it’s not surprising that current market research shows mobile internet usage is set to grow massively in the coming days. What is perhaps more interesting is that this means the number of mobile internet users will overtake that of desktop users in the time to come.

Undoubtedly this change in the way people are consuming online information and viewing websites means we need to be considering how we engage with them to offer the best online experience for our brands and services.

Webline will help you to make this happen?

Mobiles and other devices are used for not only surfing the Internet, but it is also used for social media, e-mails and online shopping.

As the use of mobile Internet continues to grow, it is extremely important that your website should be mobile friendly. Webline offers a design that can handle both types of users. And that is called responsive web design.

Why responsive design?
Responsive design simply means a website that has been designed so that all content, images and website structure remains the same on any device. For example, when a user accesses a Web site on their desktop, they are watching full view of the website. But if the same user goes to their smart phone or tablet to visit the site, the site will automatically fit on the small screen.

In other words, with a responsive development, you don't worry about having different websites for various platform and making sure that your website runs perfectly on a mobile device. But there are other very important reasons why you should make the change to responsive design for your website.

Conversion rate can improve
In addition to all of the search benefits, as well as making users happy, responsive design has the ability to increase those coveted conversion rates from all of the mobile users in the world.

Better user experience
We briefly touched on before, but responsive design gives users a better experience. For example, users do not need to light zooming and shrinking of the text or images on the screen. Instead, all content is automatically set to the screen of the device. This makes it simple and more convenient for users to read and navigate your website.

A better user experience also makes it easier to achieve and complain. If people are able to contact you and find a way to complain about you having much less likely to go online through social media and complain.

Stay ahead of competition
In the business world, you need to stay ahead of the competition. As more and more users use their mobile devices to shop online and you need to be justified by a mobile-friendly website in this target group. In fact, 85 percent of adults believe that a mobile website is as good if not better than, an desktop site.

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